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Technical questions

I'm unable to,play the videos on the web site

You need Javascript support and MP4/H264 playback support on your device.

Video playback is choppy

By default, our player start playing videos in the HD quality.
It is possible that your device is not powerful enough or that you Internet connection is not fast enough to play this format.
In this case, click on the "3G+/WIFI" button on the bottom left corner of the video player. This will enable you to choose a lower quality.


Questions regarding your subscription

I did not receive my password, I lost my password

Your password has been sent to you by email when you validated your payment.
If you did not receive any email, please check your spam folder.

If you deleted the email, you can generate a new password on this page.

How do I cancel my membership ?

To cancel your membership, you need to check the web site of the payment processor used for your subscription and follow the instructions.
Click here to see the list of the payment processor we use.

Other questions

If you did not find the answer of your question on this page, you can click on the button below to contact the support team.

Click here to contact the support team


Cardholder support / Cancellations

To cancel your membership, you need to follow the instructions on the web site of the payment processor used to validate your membership


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